Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Ripple Fail

Motion study (fail) for a ground impact shock ripple.
Still trying to figure out how to do one correctly, so if anyone out there knows a method, I'm always willing to learn.

Here's the setup for what I've done (although I can't think of a reason why anyone would implement it):
- Softbody NURBS plane with wave deformer influencing the soft body particles.
- Control is handled via keying the wave deformer attributes.
- Rebuild the NURBS plane and place the soft body particle influence from the original NURBS plane to the rebuilt one (you can do this easily via Outliner)
- Hide original NURBS plane. And now you have a new deforming NURBS object with which you can collide particles with.
- Create a bed of particles and attach a gravity field to them.
- Make the bed of particles collide with the rebuilt softbody.
- Instance the particles with geometry (rocks, slabs, whatever)

Let me know if this actually becomes of use to anyone, because I would be seriously intrigued. lol

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